Money for the world

This is a humanitarian project of MyCoin24.de

Using crypto currency we want to help to make our planet to a better place to be.
In this area you have the possibility to mine crypto currency called Monero . All monero coins you mine on this website will be donated to charitable organisations as soon as minimal payout of 0.2 Monero will have been reached.
Take part and change the world!


If miner can not be loaded,
turn off your PopUp blocker.

How does it work?

1. Start mining:
Start mining with one click on the green button "START MINING" to your left.

2. Mathematics:
Your computer begins to solve mathematical tasks. For solving it your computer earns Monero.

3. Time is money:
You generate more if you use this mine longer.
This mine works also in the inaktive TAB and minimized Browser.
Current Monero value on the graph to the right:


Shows you the mining speed of your computer.
This is shown in HASH.
Higher number means higher income.
You can manupulate this value using options THREADS and SPEED.

This value shows you how many HASHES your computer already gethered.
Just for orientation: for minimum payout the are 0.2 there are
something about 5 000 000 000 HASHES needed.
Yes, 5 billion!

With this option you can activate additional cores of your central processor unit. There are 2 cores set up as default. If your computer has more cores, for example quad core (4) or more, you can activate and deactivate them here.
Just try it out.

With this option you decide how much of your processor power you want to be used to generate monero. If you are a gamer who would not like to be desturbed during playing, you can set up the speed low (for example: 20-30%).
Default: 70% of CPU power.

Donation history:

Overview about all donations.

Organisation Date Amount Donation proof

Charitable organizations (04):

Overview about charitable organisations we donate to.

W O R L D W I D E :

World wide active organisations.

UNICEF Donate & Help

Fair chance for each child!
Each child in the world has a right for childhood
– our mission is to make this right become reality.
UNICEF was founded 1946 and helps
children in about 150 countries.

Website: www.unicef.de
0.00 $
Doctors without limits

There were 142.980 patients just between
august and dezember 2017 which we doctored
in bangladesh due our program for help
people in rohingya.

Website: www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.de
0.00 $
World Vision

Let's make children dreams become true.
Together agains famine!
Stop violence against children!

Website: www.worldvision.de
0.00 $
Red Cross e.V. - DRK e.V.

Das Deutsche Rote Kreuz rettet Menschen, hilft in
Notlagen, bietet Menschen eine Gemeinschaft, steht
den Armen und Bedürftigen bei und wacht über das
humanitäre Völkerrecht.

Website: www.drk.de
0.00 $

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